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Why Do I Need an Asbestos Survey?

Posted on by Asbestos Waste Solutions Limited

If you’re planning on carrying out any structural work on your business premises, or perhaps you are planning to have a building demolished, an asbestos survey will locate and identify any materials which contain asbestos. Just as importantly, however, they will allow you to arrange for their removal.

Unfortunately, throughout the UK, many commercial buildings still house asbestos-containing materials. Moreover, one of the key reasons why construction professionals are most at risk from asbestos exposure is because this presence of asbestos isn’t properly recognised.

In light of this, this month the Asbestos Waste Solutions team will be looking at just why you need an asbestos survey.

What is an asbestos survey?

As stated previously, an asbestos survey is designed to help you locate identify and manage the amount of asbestos in a particular premises before any construction, demolition or refurbishment work has begun.

Ultimately, an asbestos survey guards against any asbestos exposure during the work itself by identifying the asbestos, and then calculating the risks that are involved with its removal. Once the risk assessment has been completed, a detailed plan of action can be formed to ensure the safe removal of the asbestos from the building.

Why do I need an asbestos survey?

  • A legal requirement: For non-domestic properties constructed before the year 2000, an asbestos survey is required to ensure that you have a comprehensive record of the asbestos in your building. This means that a proper risk management plan can be formulated.
  • Construction and demolition: On the same non-domestic properties, if you are planning on carrying out any construction, refurbishment or demolition work, then an asbestos survey is also required. This is because, during such work, if there was asbestos in the building, any building work would certainly activate the fibres.
  • Asbestos has already been found: If you have discovered asbestos in your property, or it has been found in a previous survey, then it is required by law that you carry out regular checks on the building’s asbestos levels.


What survey do I need?

There are two types of survey that you may need:

  • Management survey: A management survey is carried out during the normal, day-to-day use of the property. Essentially, a management survey identifies asbestos in the building, assesses the risks, and notes the condition of the asbestos.
  • Demolition survey: This survey identifies all the asbestos-containing material in the building, and is the first step in ensuring the safe handling and removal of asbestos during a structural project.

Asbestos Waste Solutions provide efficient, reliable and comprehensive asbestos disposal for properties throughout the UK. Our modern transfer station provides an alternative disposal option for asbestos, and we also carry out a thorough asbestos identification and quantification service. To find out more about all of our asbestos services, dont hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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