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Aws Certificates And Accreditations

View our Certificates & Accreditations

To ensure safe removal we can supply all the correct products for the job

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Certificates & Accreditations

AWS Ltd we follow regulations to the letter and are proud of the work we carry out. We hold numerous certificates and accreditations to give you confidence in our services, and reassure you of our high standards when it comes to safety and the handling of asbestos containing materials.

Click to download our Certificates & Accreditations

Environment Agency Site Permit Download PDF

Environment Agency Waste Carriers Certificate Download PDF

WAMITAB Certificate Download PDF

WAMITAB Continuing Compentance Certificate Download PDF

European Waste Codes (EWC) Catalogue Download PDF

AWS Ltd Liability Insurance - Provided on request

Technical guidance WM3 : Waste Classification Download PDF

Please feel free to browse our certificates and accreditations below and contact us if you’d like more information about any of our services.