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Why Hiring a Professional Is Crucial When It Comes to Asbestos Disposal

Posted on by Asbestos Waste Solutions Limited

Despite many forms of asbestos being prohibited from use as a construction material since the mid 1980s – and fully illegal since 1999 – we are still suffering the effects of asbestos today, with thousands of deaths a year being related to asbestos exposure.

Exposure to asbestos largely comes during demolition or construction work in properties in which asbestos was used as a construction material. With so many buildings in the UK still housing some forms of asbestos, it is as important as ever to make sure that any asbestos is properly removed and disposed of only by those who are trained to do so. This month, we’re looking at why professional asbestos disposal is so important and why you should never attempt to remove asbestos yourself.

Asbestos exposure

Asbestos exposure can occur in any building with asbestos-containing materials, from the workplace to the home. When these materials are disturbed, asbestos fibres are evacuated into the air. These fibres are incredibly easy to inhale and when they reach the lungs they can settle or become trapped. Over time this can cause tremendous damage to your lungs, resulting in severe lung disease or lung cancer. Mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis are the three main asbestos related diseases which we covered in last month’s article.

Those who are exposed to asbestos-containing materials on a regular basis are at the greatest risk of contracting an asbestos related disease. That’s why mesothelioma rates have been historically high in tradesmen and construction or demolition workers. However, technically, everybody is at risk.

Dangers of asbestos removal

Inhaling asbestos fibres can have a prolonged influence on your health, and symptoms may not be immediately obvious – often not surfacing for 15 or more years after exposure. Early warning signs are difficult to spot and the asbestos related diseases we’ve mentioned have high rates of fatality.

Because of the severe risk posed by asbestos it is critical to take asbestos removal seriously and not attempt to do so yourself. If you disturb the asbestos fibres – by hammering down a wall, for instance – you risk not only exposing yourself, but anyone else in the building and the area nearby. Fibres can stay in the air for 48-72 hours before settling (or longer in rooms where the air isn’t still), which is why meticulous care and proper, professional planning is required to mitigate risk when dealing with asbestos-containing materials on any scale.

Professional asbestos disposal

Asbestos disposal doesn’t only refer to the physical act of removing asbestos from the property. It entails a thorough planning and identification process to ensure that the offending materials can be located, handled and removed safely without creating widespread exposure or causing any knock-on effects elsewhere in the property. It also involves the safe disposal of waste after removal – from transportation to final disposal at a landfill or transfer station.

Operatives in charge of the asbestos removal process are fully qualified and highly trained. They are outfitted with the latest high quality protective equipment and adhere to the strictest standards of safety at all times.

DIY asbestos removal should never be attempted. If you suspect asbestos to be present in your property you should take every measure possible to avoid disturbing the suspected area and get in touch with a reputable, qualified asbestos disposal company immediately.

Attempting to remove asbestos without professional help means engaging in unsafe work practices, and unnecessarily exposing yourself to even greater risk from asbestos fibres.

Materials need to be properly contained before, during and after removal so fibres don’t escape. This involves comprehensive, dedicated asbestos transportation to its final destination which can only occur at the hands of an asbestos disposal company.

In the end, it’s important to remember that professional asbestos disposal will help save lives, so if you need asbestos disposed of from your property, make sure to leave it in the hands of the professionals and get in touch with Asbestos Waste Solutions today.


Asbestos Waste Solutions provide safe and efficient asbestos disposal for commercial and domestic customers throughout the UK. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and work with absolute professional care at all times to ensure the safestmost efficient asbestos disposal possible. To find out more about our services, dont hesitate to get in touch with us today our friendly team are always happy to help.

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